Zack Childress-An Insight Into Time Taken To Save Money Or Down Payment

Zack Childress-An Insight Into Time Taken To Save Money Or Down Payment

As with home ownership, down payment is a major concern, however, together with it, add up other expenses like closing costs and reserving funds for the unavoidable maintenance and other everyday expenditures. So, together with the matter of saving for your down payment, you need to be ready to spend for other operating costs as well.

If truth be told, very few are able to save money for down payment in a period of 12 months, and it is a matter of years, actually speaking. On the other hand, involving people who have been faced with other concerns of life like rising rental values and health care costs, it will take years and years of time to save money for down payment.

In view of the fact that, strong demands for homes coupled with the scarcity of available homes for sale are two significant factors that cause home prices to go up across the globe, this has paved a way to inaccessibility of homeownership for some buyers. With that said, now let us have a look at why you should consider giving a higher percentage of down payments and how it benefits you. Zack Childress Reviews Cons of Dual Agency

  • The chances of you getting that mortgage are high- An amount paid prior to buying a house is very important and only when you are ready to pay such high percentage of down payment for your home, banks will be ready to offer you a mortgage. With that said, the chance for you to qualify for a mortgage is high when the down payment is more. The once existed 10, 5, and zero down payments are not noticeable these days.
  • All rules pertaining to the consumer financial protection bureau has changed in the recent years- For a person to qualify for a mortgage amount, he/she will have to meet a 43% debt-to-income ratio meaning after you tot up credit payments, property taxes including other money owing, like credit card balances, your auto loans or education loans, your entire arrears has to be not as much of than $43 for every $100 in earnings you produce on a month basis. With this being the state of affairs, the probability for you to qualify for a mortgage is high.
  • With a higher percentage of down payments, you can enjoy smaller monthly mortgage payments together with the benefit of less interest rate. And by this means, you can save a significant amount of funds over the life of a mortgage. This paves a way to greater financial sense, in addition, it helps you to better prepare for sequestration.
  • With a more than expected percentage of down payments, you can also enjoy instant equity build up. For instance, a percentage more than 20% of down payment is said to put equity into a property as soon as you purchase it and that down payment defends you if the real estate market turns sliding in the interim.

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Zack Childress Tips to Know How Social Media Works In Favor of Real Estate

Zack Childress Tips to Know How Social Media Works In Favor of Real Estate

The American population spends more on the social media. And many smart phones are being sold every minute. The social networking sites have gained a firm foothold, and are to influence the population in a positive way. There are a huge number of androids being sold every minute, and internet marketing and communication have grown rapidly. There are added sites which enable access to YouTube, Twitter and other social networking sites.

  • There was a crisis in the real estate which was overcome by professionals who dealt with it in a creative way. The chief aim of real estate professionals is to post the listings for sellers and buyers alike.
  • Realty agents in the presence market scenario can make out a few things about social media.
  • The identity that you establish online is the main reason for success in the market.
  • The social networking gives access to the information for potential home purchasers and sellers.
  • There is easy access to videos and other important files which are offered by the social networking sites.
  • Traditional marketing has its own constraints, and the social media does not have limitations with respect to conversations online.
  • The social networking is an efficient way to establish reliability, authenticity and an impressionable personal brand.

There were days when you might have been besides the phone or in the office anticipating the clients to make a phone call or step into the office. But now, for clients, everything is accessible in the net. So, you need to make your information available in the net.

  • Facebook gives easy access to those who want to visit your site. There are other sites as Twitter and YouTube which enable the customer to connect to your site.
  • The mobile industry has revolutionized the world, and the mobile marketing is powerful than any other marketing tool. Searching through the smart phone has become increasingly prominent. More than the desktop, the mobile browsing has become popular, and the real estate icons need to keep pace with the competition to assure that they are just a click away from the customers.
  • Before getting into the social media, people were hesitant about the very idea. But now, people are very much depending on the social media to grow their business. The procedures as entertaining a client, giving feedback to them are carried out through the websites. You need to allocate time to respond to the customers and create knowledge about your brand. You might update where you are staying, and people will pour in to complete the deal.
  • Various tips about the vicinity could be given through the social media. You can establish contact with people who hold expertise via the social media.
  • The mobile marketing has become an invincible tool in the smartphone revolution. Over the last two years, browsing through mobile has grown beyond astounding proportions. Many popular real estate professionals have started their websites. There are a number of websites through which you can connect to realty agents and make best use of the marketing scenario.
  • The sky is the limit when it comes to the possibilities, and there are abundant rewards when you spare time to be in the social media. You can take full advantage of its scope.

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Zack Childress Reviews the Cons of Dual Agency

Zack Childress Reviews the Cons of Dual Agency

Dual agency is when the same person is the agent for both the parties involved – buyer and the seller. Dual agency has both pros and cons. In this article, Zack Childress, a real estate agent reviews the cons of dual agencies. To get an insight into the pros of dual agencies, check Zack Childress review on pros of dual agencies.

Agents do not do a fair job

Agents do not do a fair job when they represent both the parties. They sometimes don’t represent the interests of either side properly.

Divulgence of vital information

Just because the same agent represents both the sides, it does not mean that crucial information will be disclosed. For instance: the seller may have told the agent that he will accept lowest price under certain situations. But, the agent cannot reveal this information to the buyer as this means that he is giving away the sellers property. He can do so only with the seller’s permission. Similarly, the agent cannot disclose to the seller that the buyer is willing to pay a higher price for the property unless he has been authorized by the buyer to do so.

Reduced offers for the sellers

A dual real estate agent may limit home showings for the seller’s property to secure the property for the buyer. This is bad for the seller as he may not get the best price for his property. The dual agent restricts home showings unless it is sight unseen. This can cost the seller a chunk of the price.

Legal options are much lower

When legal problems arise, you can file only one law suit against a single agent or a single agency. There will be only one broker insurance company to aid you in paying the damages.

Dual agents may say anything to make things happen

Dual agents may say lots of lies to bring about deals. Dual agents get full commission on deals and hence will be do anything to sell the home. They may not give you proper advice and give you a good picture of the real market scenario. They may give away the property. If you want to go in for dual agency, you need to do a study on real estate lies. If you feel that the agent is hiding something from you or misrepresenting things, then you can fire the agent.

There may be a clash of interests

A buyer’s agent must be able to get the lowest possible price for the buyer whereas the seller’s agent should get the highest possible price for the buyer. So the agent is caught amidst conflicting interests. In this case, the agent may have to overlook the interests of one party over the other. Generally, the agent favors the seller since he is going to get a percentage of the selling price as his fee.


These are some of the disadvantages of dual agency as reviewed by Zack Childress. Home buyers and sellers can read this and determine whether dual agency is suitable for them.


Zack Childress Trends in Real Estate Marketing

Zack Childress Trends in Real Estate Marketing

Real estate is an intricate business; however, it is not an overly complicated business. Being aware of the trends is said to help you stay ahead of the curve. The real estate marketing insights and the trends listed out in this article is said to help you stay ahead of the curve.

Online listing portals

Dominating significantly, real estate listing portals are most used on a large basis when marketing a property. Although newspaper listings have declined over the years, people still list on the newspapers too, but the count is big on online portals.

Social media is the rage

the escalating trend in the real estate marketing industry is social media. Though different platforms fall into place, Facebook and LinkedIn are leading.

Be mobile-friendly

consumer’s activity on mobile devices have actually out-performed and this is very much applicable to real estate property marketing as well. In order to save time and to scale up the versatility factor, people are becoming mobile-friendly; in addition, this also helps in easy availability. To stay relevant, real estate agents should be devising mobile-friendly websites that slot in users directly from their phones.

Some of the key points to commit to memory:

  • As an agent, your focus should be on the needs of the client over the commission. As a matter of fact, the ones one satisfies the clients are the ones that earn the most.
  • Being aware of which items to pay off and get removed from a credit report is key!
  • You can consider adding mortgage brokers to your team.
  • Several real estate agents follow one size fits all approach which isn’t suitable for all great deals, so according to the requirement it has to be personalized.
  • Apart from raking in record profits, the main intention of a real estate agent should concentrate on getting creative. All successful agents are savvy!

Having said all that, there are two other attributes that every customer would want and it is nothing but quality products/service and satisfactory customer service. Especially when choosing a property marketing provider, this is very important. Having easy access to images and a fast turnaround time are the other options that have tagged on to the aforesaid attributes. In a survey, people have said that a fast turnaround time was important when deciding real estate marketing provider.

If you want to start building your knowledge and skills on the key concepts of real estate, then keep tuned to Zack Childress real estate seminars and camps that will help you build your skill base.  Zack is a real estate entrepreneur who conducts seminars and boot camps on real estate principles, markets, finance, and much more.


Zack Childress Guidelines on Finding a Neighborhood That Suits You

Zack Childress Guidelines on Finding a Neighborhood That Suits You


When you buy a home, it is important to find the right neighborhood. The right neighborhood depends on your tastes and situations. In this article, Zack Childress, gives guidelines on finding a suitable neighborhood.

Determine the kind of community you want to live in

What type of community do you seek? Some may love to live in the busy cities where everything is available at their doorsteps while others may love to live in the quiet and highly sociable suburbs. Some localities have a combination of suburb and city elements. These are city like suburbs. They have the quiet and peace of suburbs and have amenities like cities. Yet suburbs cannot cross cities with regards to facilities. So, to which category do you belong to? Ask yourself before you choose a neighborhood.

Pleasure activities that you enjoy

What type of entertainment do you like? Movies, walking, sports, travel, tennis, swimming and others are some of the universal leisure activities. If you love these, then you can go in for multi-family community homes.

Commuting distance

Do you like to commute long distances for work or do you prefer your office to be in close proximity? Do you have a car to traverse?

Other things to decide upon

Apart from these parameters, decide whether you want to live in single-family or multi-family homes. Do you like to live in historic communities or new ones? Well historic communities have strict standards and have high property value. But they lack in modern facilities. They will be close to the city center. Whereas, new areas are far from the city and have modern amenities. Determine whether you would like to live in a condo, townhouse or apartment. Would you like to have shops, supermarkets, bars and restaurants in the vicinity of the neighborhood? Prepare a list in which you jot down points on what your present community lacks in? If you are a parent, you will want to go and live in areas with good schools.  Also, carefully ascertain what you don’t want in your new neighborhood. For example: you may love a peaceful neighborhood. This way, you would not like to stay adjoining to the market areas.

Ensure the safety

A small thing such as sidewalks can be very crucial in deciding the safety of the home. When you are walking on the road, you don’t face the risk of getting hit by a speeding vehicle. This is very safe especially for children. Crime rates feature in the safety of a neighborhood. Don’t choose areas with high crime rates.

Determine how the neighborhood can withstand volatile markets

You should check the past history of homes to see if the worth of the home will be maintained in the long run or whether it will grow. You can check the bygone prices of similar properties to confirm how the home can perform in a volatile market.


These are very basic guidelines given by Zack Childress to determine the most suited neighborhood for you.



Zack Childress Social Media Marketing Outlook for Real Estate Agents

Zack Childress Social Media Marketing Outlook for Real Estate Agents

Social media is very well known among most of the people. Many people open out accounts on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. They actively use social media for various purposes. With the increasing amount of sales and purchases in the real estate sector, real estate agents have to come up with innovative and new methods of marketing their products and in turn themselves. They should leverage the power of social media to do this. In this article, Zack Childress, a real estate investor and master educator, gives social media marketing ideas for real estate agents.

You must put yourself in the shoes of the buyer persona

The buyer persona is your ultimate god. He is going to elevate or demote your business. Many real estate agents do the mistake of promoting themselves on social media by talking about what they do in a monotonous manner. They don’t present it attractively. Instead, put yourself in the shoes of your customer. He is the genie who appears in your dream. Allure him. For example: A seller’s agent instead of saying, “I read the marketing trends, help determine prices and give staging tips” can say: “problems in selling your home? They will become minimal when you tap my office doors. Market research, best price fixations and superb staging tips with real estate agent Sam. Come soon my dear clients to whom I offer the best services”. If you cannot write good content, then engage a creative writer who can write persuasive and captivating content.

You must not instruct

Instructing is a really boring tone for addressing clients. They feel seldom welcome to visit your social media page. Instead, lure them to visit your page. For example: “go to this Face book page” can be substituted by saying ”learn the magnificent secrets of real estate with this Facebook page.”

Use attractive tools

Use photos and videos to grab attention. They must be top quality ones and must reveal the various areas of the home in a best light. A live video showcasing the tour of the home will help to a great extent. If you cannot take fine photographs or capture good videos, then hire a professional photographer and a person specialized in taking video coverage. It is really worth the money.

Know the client’s interests

Before you post something, identify the client’s tastes and interests. Listen to them and then go for posting.

Don’t post meaningless content

Don’t put meaningless posts. They should be avoided. More than half of the posts should be referring to lifestyle guidelines and client’s quarter of interest. The rest must be about your real estate agency and the work you do. If you post just to reach a specific count, your efforts to attract the client base will bombard.


Zack Childress social media marketing outlook for real estate agents provides worthy tips for real estate agents. Real estate brokerage is all about marketing at least 40% of the whole process.


Zack Childress Tips for Real Estate Agents on How to Deal With Clients

Zack Childress Tips for Real Estate Agents on How to Deal With Clients


Real estate agents must know how to deal with their clients and this is the most important area that they have to focus upon. In this article, Zack Childress, a real estate investor and speaker, gives tips to real estate agents on how to deal with their clients.

Ask your clients if they have hired other real estate agents

When you talk to your clients, find out if they have engaged other real estate agents. If they have, then ascertain what happened to them. Are they busy with some other work since they have not appeared for a while? If so, then inform them that you have been called by their client for help. Keep up a good relationship with fellow agents.

Divert the clients with negative mind sets

Some clients have a pessimistic view about everything. If you take them to tour a good home, they will absorb just the one or two flaws about it and say that the home is not good. In that case, you can try this tactic. Give them a pen and paper and ask them to list the flaws and the pros about the home. When they make the list, they themselves can learn that there are some very great positive points about the home. If they don’t realize it themselves, then you make their gloom-ridden minds to focus on the strengths. You should master this tactic of persuasion.

Listen to clients who complain

Listen carefully to such clients. They will feel as if you care a lot about their grievances. If you feel the complaints are valid, try to do something about them. Else, just concentrate on other works.

Ask questions on income details and ascertain

This is a very crucial area that you must interrogate. Most clients have to pay about 30% down cash at least to obtain a loan. Check their documents carefully and verify their sources of income. Also figure out if they can handle their mortgage payments. Do they have other payments to make? Do they have a partner helping them out?  You can even arrange a reliable lender for them if you have scrutinized everything.

Ask them whether this is the perfect time to buy a house

Ask the client if this is the correct time to buy a house. This will give you awareness about their prime concerns.

Point out bad ideas to clients who think they know it all

There are some clients who think they know everything. For example: if you give details about an area, they will act in a know-it-all manner or know-better manner. In this case, ask them specific questions and quickly make them realize that their knowledge is not enough and deep. However, you should not kindle their ego while doing so. You must do it subtly and carefully.

How to deal a project of real estate indenture on something that you don’t have possession of? This is the question that arises when it comes to the wholesaling real estate. Selling something that you don’t own is impossible unless you have an equitable interest in the property. A signed contract from the seller is all that takes for the investor, i.e., the equitable interest. It may perhaps be an alternative agreement or other contractual agreement that will let the depositor to pay for the property if and when he is able to do so or by a specific time period.

Some depositors believe that taking the receipt of an Assignment of Contract that they are actually advertising the Assignment of real estate contract for the real estate and not the real estate itself. Nevertheless, the theory behind this is the same; the original contract from the seller to the depositor lets for an equitable interest in the land which can be allocated or put up for sale. On the other hand, if the original agreement says there can be no transfer, this clause can be prevailed by just appending a clause to the original contract that permits an assignment of the real estate contract.

A little investigation is definitely considered necessary and essential; above all, how much this is done legally is what makes the real estate contracts valuable. With all that said, it is always good to seek counsel from legal representatives for a professional advice. By this means, one can earn money by doing what is permitted by law without having to be lead astray.

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A fraction of the setback goes to a great analysis of convention that was formerly intended to avert scam but does not take in what really turns out in depositor transactions.

If you want to make a treasure out of real estate investments, everything done by proper means then getting professional advice, training, from the experts is a must, moreover, it will help you empower yourself to make lucrative choices for your investment goals irrespective of your experience level.

Zack Childress has attained enormous success in the field of real estate. Taking real estate investment avenues and also investing by toting up together the ability of assets investing on-line and unfastening the profit potential of a handy deal. Zack now takes things to the next level by elucidating the keys to assembling an efficient investment and capitalizing the growth of web assets marketplace. In order to hinder the progress of this real estate aficionado, his competitors are trying to spread out false news of Zack Childress scam which is absolutely fake; don’t be misled by the false news.


The basic high class quality of a good real estate agent is the tactical way he deals with his clients. These tips given by Zack Childress are beneficial to real estate agents and can help them deal better with their clients.



Types of Real Estate Agents – Zack Childress List

Types of Real Estate Agents - Zack Childress List


Well, there are many types of real estate agents. There are real estate brokers, realtors, listing agents, broker associates and so on. In this article Zack Childress catalogs, interprets and describes some types of real estate agents.


A realtor is a member of a body called National association of realtors. A realtor is eligible to belong to state and local trade unions. By becoming a member of the NAR, he has to conform to its system of principals. He has to implement the ethics laid down by this guild and also pay annual dues to it.

Buyer’s agent

A buyer’s agent represents the purchaser of a home in a real estate deal. There are agents who work for buyers out and out and these people don’t work for sellers. Agreements between the investor and the buyer’s agent are a little relaxed and sometimes it is not even mandatory.

Dual agent

A dual agent acts as the buyer’s and the seller’s agent in a real estate transaction. If you are purchasing a home in North Carolina, then the agent whom you are working with will also serve as the home seller’s agent. Using a dual agent has an advantage in that he is well known and comfortable with both the buyer and the seller. This eliminates confusions and practical difficulties. A seller may pay lower commission rates to a dual agent since chances of such agents lowering commission rates is higher. Sometimes, when a listing agent and a buyer’s agent work for the same broker, this is also called as dual agency. Dual agency may not be legal all the time.

Real estate broker

He is a biggie in the field. He has passed the broker’s real estate test and holds a license. He is qualified to run his own firm and monitor agents who work for him. He is eligible for taking up the exam if he has a 4 year degree and 8 college level real estate programs. As a higher ranking real estate professional, he may have to perform duties such as governing market values, marketing properties for sale, arranging home tours, home inspections and helping out customers by deciding on appropriate homes for them.

Listing agent

He is the seller’s agent. He lists the seller’s home in the local MLS listings. A real estate listing agent gets commission from the seller.

Transaction coordinator

He is one who helps a broker or an agent with organizational work. He assists in opening of escrow accounts, paperwork and managing deadlines.

Associate broker

They are entry level real estate brokers who have just cleared their licensing exams. These fresher brokers work under real estate brokers similar to agents.

Transaction agent

He does not represent either buyer or seller. He just mediates or regulates the deal.


People use terms such as real estate agents, realtors, real estate brokers and so on without really knowing that they mean different things. This list of agents, definition and elaboration by Zack Childress will clear this confusion.


Zack Childress Life Changing Prizes You Could Win At REI Quick Cash Workshop

zack childress at REI quick cash workshop

Zack Childress REI quick cash workshop:

– a program that helps you to create massive real estate fortunes. Offering the most comprehensive and practical knowledge on investment avenues and details like sourcing for the property, getting customers to buy the property,best marketing strategies,getting right with the paperwork, there are a whole lot of other concepts explained in this program. Highly beneficial to newbie’s and real estate practitioners by all means, you could also win life changing prizes in this REI Quick Cash Workshop.

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Elucidating every single concept of real estate investing, Zack Childress, the professional mentor can also help you to come across tools and resources that you need to successfully make money as a real estate co-wholesaler. A real estate co-wholesaler does not in fact purchase real estate; in its place they act as an intermediate person connecting people looking for real estate deals with those who can provide those deals. In addition, you will also be able to find several other things like no money down real estate investing strategy and much more.

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Zack Childress Co-Wholesaling Software Review

Zack Childress Co-Wholesaling Software Review

Investing in real estate with co-wholesaling is an art when done right, it is rewarding at the same time, it is said to bring in a whole lot of risks and loss when done incorrectly.

This way of wholesaling properties by forming a joint venture with other wholesalers is a great strategy to earn quick money, however, nothing great ever came that easy. There involves a lot of complex things in order to be successful in this particular method of making money, but not with Zack Childress co-wholesaling software.

The best part about this software is that it will cut your time spent on bringing in profits in half! Involving 8 modules, the easy to follow techniques is a complete plan for wholesaling your way to financial freedom.

This software comes with everything that you need to keep going with, meaning, this training system comes with documents, spreadsheets, easy to follow call scripts and marketing templates that are aimed at getting you started in the art of wholesaling real estate.

Simply said, your real estate proposals could be made in seconds’, irrespective of the experience you hold in this field whether a novice or an expert, both will find this to be beneficial. Get it now and sign up for Zack Childress other programs to have a bright future in the field of real estate and make money.