Zack Childress List of Real Estate Investing Trends in 2017

Zack Childress List of Real Estate Investing Trends in 2017

Zack childress,the real estate industry is growing rapidly with advancements in technology, increased demography, and urbanization. Zack Childress real estate reviews throws light on statistics and trends in real estate for the year 2017.

  • Most of the homes are purchased for investment purpose and renting out properties became predominant.
  • Drones and augmented reality are emerging; more advanced drone technology is likely to be introduced from next year. These drones help to capture high resolution aerial pictures of the house from the top which can be posted on social media to attract buyers.
  • Non-bank lending and treasury yield moved up more than 50 basis points.
  • Less financial regulations will be easier.
  • Real estate crowd funding is considered to be evolving industry and expected to grow in capital. It is attractive for investors who want to purchase a property with minimum capital investment. Due to its liquidity, it moved to institutional areas where you need to be carefully approached. With a strong base of solid investors, you can flourish. It focuses on non-accredited investors.
  • There is still abundant amount of belief that home ownership will continue to improve in the forthcoming years. Millennial and technology advancement go hand in hand as millennial population is enormous and has strong base among tenants.
  • If there is an increase in interest rate also, there is not going to be much difference. The causes of increase in rate of the interest are to be identified.
  • Economy and job growth has not seen much rise for past a decade. As to have a better economy, the rate of interest has to be low.
  • Job growth is needed because when salary of an individual increase, the affordability price of the housing also increases.
  • With low interest rate, one doesn’t indulge in buying home as he/she is concerned about the welfare.
  • Entry level buyers face a difficult situation as there are very less or no properties within their price margin. The single family homes are bought by the renters instead of homebuyers which results in high returns for investor landlords.
  • The trend shows that the demand is high but supply is low. There is an issue that it takes very long time to finish building the properties.
  • Markets are getting strengthened owing to good location. The real estate market is likewise, there can be rise and fall. The value of the land may appreciate or depreciate, it depends on the location. Considering all these factors, cash flow will be regular and steady. Streamlining the cash flow is essential.
  • Population growth, job growth, job diversity, cities with 5 or 10 year plans are the key areas to be invested. Along with hike in interest rate, mortgage rate also increases proportionally.
  • Outsourcing and startup culture have started to emerge, this results in requirement of space for conferences in central locations.
  • Tech-geeks need space too like Uber, Snap chat have spent in billions funding for their office setup or go for lease option.

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