How to Choose the Best Time of the Year to Sell Your Home? – Guidelines by Zack Childress



While you can list your home at any time of the year as long as you price it properly and stage it well, there are certain times of the year in which your home gets bid easily for the asking price. So, you have to decide the best time of the year to sell your home. Zack Childress, a real estate guru, gives tips on choosing the best time to sell your home. Progress through this essay to find out.

Spring –great time to sell

Spring is the best time of the year to sell because

  • Spring has longer days and hence there is more time to show the house

  • This is the time when most buyers have got their tax refunds and are ready to meet house buying payments

  • In spring, houses don’t sit for a long time in the market.

  • Houses sell for the asking price easily in spring

  • Spring is the time of the year when most people want to settle down. Nobody prefers movement during the hot summer or the snowy winter

  • It avoids changing schools in the middle of the year for kids and shows the landscapes and gardens best

However in spring, there will be lots of competition as almost everyone wants to sell during this season. So, if there are similar houses in the listings, it becomes a major challenge. To tackle such woes, make the best staging efforts for your home.

Types of real estate property investment – Zack Childress

Time off months (mid January to mid December) –the worst time to sell

Don’t consider selling in the holidays. The following are the arguments for this.

  • People will be too busy in their vacations and will not think about even venturing into a buying deal.

  • If you list during this time, people think that you are too desperate to sell.

  • Also this is the season for travelling, so few buyers will be around to see your home.

  • Your house will be listed longer and thus end up becoming unappealing to prospective buyers

January and February – good time to sell


In spite of being winter months, these months are good to sell. Many buyers are there to view your home and the market is bubbling too. Areas in Toronto show an enormous amount of sales in this period.

Autumn – fine selling periods

The months of autumn are also fairly good to sell. This is not a holiday season and depending on your area of living you may have a moderately good climate.

Summer- the wrong choice

Don’t proceed to sell in the summer months since,

  • Summer months are also holiday months. After being constrained all throughout the winter, summer months are very good for holidaying. Your prospective buyers are probably having a gala time in their cocktail parties.

  • A lot less movement on your listing is seen in the summer


By reading these guidelines given by the real estate expert – Zack Childress, you can easily decide on the best time to sell your home.



Zack Childress – Types of Real Estate Property Investment for Beginners

Zack Childress - Types of Real Estate Property Investment for Beginners


Zack Childress Real Estate

Are you new to real estate trade? Are you willing to invest in real estate property? Are you seeking guidance in investing your funds in real estate property? If your answer to these questions is yes, you have come to the right person and place. Zack is the one who has trained many beginners in his training academy. Not only that, he also gives the online guidance about different types of real estate investment property to the starters.

Types of Real estate property investment for beginner

Real estate has always been the most popular asset all over the world. We have discussed about the different types of real estate properties such as property ownership, home equity, mortgages and rentals. When you are looking out for the property, you should keep the most important criteria in your mind, i.e. thetype of property you are looking for; apart from the location. Here are some of the real estate property investment types.

  1. Income and non-income producing investments

    Income generating real estate property investments is offices, retail, industrial, and leased residential. The other types are hotels, educational institutes, fitness clubs like gymnasium, and parking lots. The main thing that I would like to say these are income generating assets.

    Non-income generating assets, like houses, vacation properties, or vacant commercial building is as good as income generating assets. However, if you invest in equity, you won’t get rental income. All the returns that you get should be through capital gain.

  1. Office Property: This is the most important investment for many real estate owners as they are the highest profile property type. Companies have more demand for office space which is for its employees. The office staff is involved in accounts, finance, and insurance, services like IT, ITES, management, and administration. When the white-collar jobs grow, demand for office space increases.

  2. Retail Property:The retail properties vary from shopping malls to single tenant building in pedestrian zones. Many retail stores have an anchor that is large enough to attract the buyers. If the retailer is dealing in food products, the property fundamental improves, thereby making it worth for investment. The demand for rental spaces has many drivers with respect to location, visibility, population, density, population growth, and other relative income levels. Retails perform the best in growing economies as the sales rate is quite high.

  3. Industrial property:

    This property generally requires lesser investments. They don’t have much management intensive and their operating costs are lower, compared to office and retail counterparts. Industries vary depending on how much the building is being used. It may be for warehousing, manufacturing, research or development.

  4. Multi-Family Residential property:This property consistently delivers the most stable returns as people need to live in the place irrespective of the economic cycle. The residential occupancy is high when the market is normal. For commercial purposes, tenant leases are either net or party net, which means that most of the operating expenses can be recovered from the tenants by way of rent.

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The above mentioned real estate types depends on the investors’ requirements on which they can make the most of it according to the circumstances.