Zack Childress Reviews – Choosing Between Renting or Owning and Advantages of Renting a House

Zack Childress Reviews - Choosing Between Renting or Owning and Advantages of Renting a House

You might be new to the world of real estate, and you might be looking for a new residence. There is a lingering question about whether you have to buy or rent. Let us go for a brief discussion on renting or owning a property to get a clear picture.

Aspects that need to be considered

There are many aspects to take into account before deciding if it is conducive to own or rent a property. The decision will influence an individual’s lifestyle also. One has to consider different aspects – the location that one is in, the financial stand, and the market trends in the vicinity. One has to have a clear idea regarding what the future holds.

Making a decision regarding owning or renting is unique to a person’s circumstances. The US realty market is large and very diverse. A certain aspect may make sense in one area, but not the other. So, how does one arrive at a decision regarding owning or renting? Generally, from the standpoint of realty, it is advisable to retain at least one property and source of income, even if one is renting out somewhere else.

The Plus Points in renting

    • The Flexibility:

The first advantage in renting is the flexibility. This is more important if you are the kind of person who moves around frequently. It might be that you are relocating for a job, or you want to have experience living in different cities. Moving around is much easier, consumes less time, and is less costly when one is purchasing a home. But, it is cumbersome if one owns a house, disposing of it is also much more difficult.

One might be pushed to selling the house for a lower price when it comes to quick sales. Other features of flexibility include different investing options, the added time you gain from not having to manage different kinds of properties. Consider the option when you raise a question as to whether it is better to rent or own.

    • Is renting really cheaper?

Particularly, if prices of homes are affordable, it is affordable to rent than purchase. With prices of the home having a steep hike, it is not a surprise that many people opt to rent. In the shorter run, this might make some sense, but when home prices rise, rents will also rise. When it is cheaper to rent now, in the longer run, it is advisable to purchase a house.

    • There is less hindrance

As a resident, you do not need to worry about problems like repairs, maintenance, and renovation. That is the responsibility of the landlord. It also implies that you should not incur additional monthly expenses to the rent. Resultantly, there is some kind of financial predictability when it comes to renting. Adding up to the mortgage and rent payments, one might have to pay for repairs, maintenance, and renovation. It is a big headache that the tenant never has to deal with.

    • Less risk:

When making the decision regarding owning or renting, it is very important to make out the risk factor. And renting a property is less risky than owning a property. Particularly, when one is renting a property, he or she should steer clear of fluctuations of realty market and the financial fluctuations. It means that there is no possibility of loss. Steep fall in home values will not prove a hindrance if you do not retain the property.

So, finally, is it better to be the owner of a house or a renter? There is no particular answer to this question. It entirely depends on your standpoint as an investor. You have to evaluate and weigh the pros and cons. The advice at the end of the article is that one should buy at least one property as a realty investor. This is what the entire business is all about.

Zack Childress is a real estate professional helping aspiring realtors to be successful with his teachings like real estate principles, markets, and finance. His seminars and boot camps are a blessing to people who wanted to stamp their mark in the industry. To learn more about the intricate concepts of real estate, do follow him on social media and stay connected to this real estate connoisseur.