Zack Childress Tips for Real Estate Agents on How to Deal With Clients

Zack Childress Tips for Real Estate Agents on How to Deal With Clients


Real estate agents must know how to deal with their clients and this is the most important area that they have to focus upon. In this article, Zack Childress, a real estate investor and speaker, gives tips to real estate agents on how to deal with their clients.

Ask your clients if they have hired other real estate agents

When you talk to your clients, find out if they have engaged other real estate agents. If they have, then ascertain what happened to them. Are they busy with some other work since they have not appeared for a while? If so, then inform them that you have been called by their client for help. Keep up a good relationship with fellow agents.

Divert the clients with negative mind sets

Some clients have a pessimistic view about everything. If you take them to tour a good home, they will absorb just the one or two flaws about it and say that the home is not good. In that case, you can try this tactic. Give them a pen and paper and ask them to list the flaws and the pros about the home. When they make the list, they themselves can learn that there are some very great positive points about the home. If they don’t realize it themselves, then you make their gloom-ridden minds to focus on the strengths. You should master this tactic of persuasion.

Listen to clients who complain

Listen carefully to such clients. They will feel as if you care a lot about their grievances. If you feel the complaints are valid, try to do something about them. Else, just concentrate on other works.

Ask questions on income details and ascertain

This is a very crucial area that you must interrogate. Most clients have to pay about 30% down cash at least to obtain a loan. Check their documents carefully and verify their sources of income. Also figure out if they can handle their mortgage payments. Do they have other payments to make? Do they have a partner helping them out?  You can even arrange a reliable lender for them if you have scrutinized everything.

Ask them whether this is the perfect time to buy a house

Ask the client if this is the correct time to buy a house. This will give you awareness about their prime concerns.

Point out bad ideas to clients who think they know it all

There are some clients who think they know everything. For example: if you give details about an area, they will act in a know-it-all manner or know-better manner. In this case, ask them specific questions and quickly make them realize that their knowledge is not enough and deep. However, you should not kindle their ego while doing so. You must do it subtly and carefully.

How to deal a project of real estate indenture on something that you don’t have possession of? This is the question that arises when it comes to the wholesaling real estate. Selling something that you don’t own is impossible unless you have an equitable interest in the property. A signed contract from the seller is all that takes for the investor, i.e., the equitable interest. It may perhaps be an alternative agreement or other contractual agreement that will let the depositor to pay for the property if and when he is able to do so or by a specific time period.

Some depositors believe that taking the receipt of an Assignment of Contract that they are actually advertising the Assignment of real estate contract for the real estate and not the real estate itself. Nevertheless, the theory behind this is the same; the original contract from the seller to the depositor lets for an equitable interest in the land which can be allocated or put up for sale. On the other hand, if the original agreement says there can be no transfer, this clause can be prevailed by just appending a clause to the original contract that permits an assignment of the real estate contract.

A little investigation is definitely considered necessary and essential; above all, how much this is done legally is what makes the real estate contracts valuable. With all that said, it is always good to seek counsel from legal representatives for a professional advice. By this means, one can earn money by doing what is permitted by law without having to be lead astray.

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A fraction of the setback goes to a great analysis of convention that was formerly intended to avert scam but does not take in what really turns out in depositor transactions.

If you want to make a treasure out of real estate investments, everything done by proper means then getting professional advice, training, from the experts is a must, moreover, it will help you empower yourself to make lucrative choices for your investment goals irrespective of your experience level.

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The basic high class quality of a good real estate agent is the tactical way he deals with his clients. These tips given by Zack Childress are beneficial to real estate agents and can help them deal better with their clients.