Zack Childress Reviews-A Complete Guide on Student Loans and Repayment Schemes

zack childress reviews-a complete guide on student loans and repayment schemes

Zack childress reviews student who pursues their under-graduate or post-graduate education will be applying for student loans. The students may or may not repay their debts. The main reason for payment default is increasing interest rates.

Zack Childress provides solutions for the investors to avail student loans without getting involved in a fraudulent activity.

Benefits of Federal student loans

To avoid such student loan scams and overcome inflation,federal student loans are offered with fixed interest rates. The solution is student loan refinancing. The borrowers have to save money in order to repay their student loans. The money can be saved by refinancing the auto loan or mortgage.

There is even consolidation option which helps the students to manage funds. Federal student loans offer cost-saving benefits. There are certain rules and regulations. You can avail a range of repayment loans. These loans are offered for a term for 20 to 25 years where you can even withhold your monthly dues if you are facing a financial crisis. As the rules are framed by federal law, there will be no scam related issues which provides security for the students.

Refinancing student loans

Refinancing federal student loans into private loan can be done as per the federal law whereas the other way is not possible.

Zack complains about the drawbacks of federal student loans.

  • You cannot avail income-driven plans.
  • Repayment assistance programs
  • Disability and demise
  • Rehabilitation problems

The pros and cons of refinancing have to be scrutinized before investing in federal student loans. The cost-saving benefits are one valuable advantage. The investors have to assess the tolerance of risk.  The reality hits them hard when they receive the first bill after graduation which is the prime time for every grad student to pay their loans. When you get upgraded to a particular lifestyle and start living, you get used to it and when you face a pitfall, you cannot accept it.

  • Undergraduate students can borrow between $5,500 and $12,500 per year
  • Graduate students can receive up to $20,500 each year

Student loans are applied and with that money they have to manage the following,

  • Tuition fees
  • Lodging
  • Food
  • Travel expenses
  • Car expenses
  • Books ,laptop, phone
  • Clothing
  • Entertainment
  • Personal expenses
  • Miscellaneous

Keep track of your monthly expenses and fix a budget. Students who think these loans are expensive can go for a college charging less. Apply and avail scholarships if you are financially backward.

What if these students’ loans are not repaid?

The students have to work either part-time or take up some job to repay these loans. The payment default has caused a huge loss to nation’s economy as recent survey reports concluded that humongous debt is due which is to be paid by the students. The late payment results in additional costs like attorney fees, court fee and other costs. Co-signers are also equally responsible for the repayment. In the longer run, the credit score gets affected and you cannot avail loan at one point of time.

Loan forbearance is a condition where payments cannot be made for a stipulated amount of time. The amount spent on lodging can be saved if the students move to micro apartments which are totally affordable. There are many other types of properties in real estate where students can stay till they complete their graduation. To know more about co-signing and other private loans, you can check out REI Quick cash system where Zack Childress has written articles in detail.

 Zack Childress reviews the repayment schemes so as to educate the investors.

How the loans can be repaid?

  • The standard repayment plan: The amount is fixed; the term differs variedly from 10 to 30 years for consolidation loans.  This is one of the best approaches to repay your student loan.
  • Graduated repayment plan: The total amount will be higher than the standard plan.
  • Extended repayment plan is usually extended for 25 years as some students may make defaults in their payment and require some more time to repay their debts.
  • REPAYE is Revised Pay as you earn repayment plan, the monthly payment will be 10 percent of your income and it is calculated based on investor’s income and family size. Outstanding balance if any can be left unpaid which is offered for public interest and for financially backward people.
  • IBR is income-based repayment plan is same as REPAYE, but consolidation loans are excluded.
  • ICR is income-contingent repayment plan where monthly payment is less, 20 percent of income has to be paid.
  • Income –sensitive repayment plan is usually for a term of 15 years.

Take the help of student loan financial adviser to know which repayment plan suits you. You can also talk to college grads to know what are the expenses expected every month and total amount spent for college education. Smart decisions are need to be taken to save some money after knowing the total cost.


Zack Childress Guidelines for Historic Real Estate Scams

zack childress guidelines for historic real estate scams

Zack Childress guidelines explains the real estate scandals recorded in the history in this article.

1.The Enron Company

It is located at Texas was started in the year in 1985 which was filed under bankrupt in 2001. The corporation was considered to be one among the 5 largest audit companies and later it got renamed as one of the biggest company that faced an audit failure. The SEC commenced its investigation procedures and accepted to sign a deal with the company which later failed on December 2, 2001. The assets possessed by the bank were 64 billion worth.  The financial statements confused the analysts, economists and investors which led to the downfall of the company.  The former president of the country was sentenced imprisonment for 24 years.

2.The Ponzi scheme

It is a fraudulent operation where income is generated through the new investors and the collected revenue is paid to senior investors.

3.How it worked?

The promoter takes all the money once he gets all the invested money. The scheme stops or halts temporarily when the revenue generated slows down as high returns are required throughout.  The activity recorded worth 65 billion became widely popular which happened in the year 2008 and was given a 150 year imprisonment.

4.Lehman Brothers

An investment bank Lehman which had accumulated assets for 600 billion worth faced a bankrupt on September 15, 2008 and it is considered to be one of the largest ever scam  in the history of real estate, and still there is no accusation filed on any of them.


A collaborative effort of CUC international and HFS made it possible to start a company called Cendant in December 1997 which dealt mainly with real estate and tourism. The fraudulent activity took place for about a decade and a massive sum of money was accounted under scam. The estimated cost was about 14 billion dollars. The scandal took place immediately after the collaboration and recorded to be largest fraudulent activity in 1990’s. The accused was charged for imprisonment. In October 2005, the collaboration got broke up officially.

6.MF global

It was formerly known as Man official and faced a bankrupt on October 31, 2011. The company dealt with trading, foreign exchange and betting. In December 2014, the company agreed to pay 1.2 billion dollars and 100 million dollar fine as customers faced financial loss. They had 41 billion worth assets.

Zack Childress Real Estate Terms


It is newly renamed as MCI; it is a telecommunications company which is considered to be the second-largest phone company. They paid 750 million dollars to SEC owing to the bankrupt filed in 2002 and many investors were affected due to the scam. Around 11,000 employees were laid off. The company has nearly 103 billion worth assets. The CEO got convicted and was kept in a federal prison.

Fannie Mae is actually FNMA paid 400 million dollars to SEC as their financial statements got misinterpreted until 2004.

To know more about historic scams, check out part 2 in REI quick cash system

Zack Childress Tips-How to Avoid Real Estate Investment Risk?

Zack Childress Tips-How to Avoid Real Estate Investment Risk

Zack Childress tips the obstacles that an investor faces while making a real estate investment.

  1. Population: The baby boomers require retirement homes or multi-generational housing, as a result the need for housing units increased. Instead of retail, more health care centers were necessary.
  2. Students often take home loans to stay in an apartment; they shoulder the responsibility of paying debts on time. Their parents are in trouble when they fail to miss out on mortgage payment.
  3. Public or crowd-funding have increased off late to improve infrastructure and quality of life. They have replaced the federal funding.
  4. Demand for office setup: The commercial as well as IT sector is growing drastically and need for space has also increased. Due to this, the work from home policy started as youngsters preferred to work in their comfort zone.
  5. Similarly e-commerce has reduced the demand for retail market space. The consumers have switched over to online shopping as it is easy to pick the products of their choice, wide range of collections, brands and chosen based on their affordability.
  6. Liquidity: The number of lenders is less than number loans to be refinanced. This has made the number of borrowers less and eventually capital gain is becoming low.
  7. Equity trap: unable to sell a property at your desired price. In other words, your cash is in use in another property.To avoid getting trapped, invest in properties that have positive cash flow.
  8. The energy efficient home, conservation on energy, light, water theme has become stronger in order to achieve sustainability in commercial real estate.
  9. Commercial real estate prices on the other hand started to see a rise in the value.
  10. When your properties are not diversified in geography, the overall effect is magnificent. That is, if the properties are wide-spread and when property value declines, the effect is negligible else disastrous.

To know more about risk management, investors can have a look at REI quick cash system.

How to mitigate real estate investment risk?

  1. Improve the prediction: when you are sure that risk is about to happen, then make a strong prediction
  2. Operating expenses should be assumed firmly.
  3. Diversification in terms of stock, risk profile, holding period
  4. Insurance contract: The investor can spend on insurance premium so that if a major loss occurs, the insurance will cover up.
  5. Triple net (NNN), two-party contract are few lease structures that can be taken up to avoid risk
  6. Fixed debt has higher ROI than Floating debt.
  7. One of the frequently used Hedging techniques is allocating funds for future. The reserved funds are used to cover up any unexpected expenses.
  8. Tenants may damage your property; screening will help you to choose the best tenant.
  9. Use cash-on-cash returns and IRR (internal rates of return) which are similar to cap rate.
  10. Be clear with the legislature, follow the law and order.
  11. Stay away from scam. The risks are unavoidable and necessary measures are to be taken at the right time.

Zack Childress Exclusive Guide on How to Buy Distressed Properties (Part 1)

zack childress exclusive guide on how to buy distressed properties-part 1

Zack childress foreclosed properties are becoming more preferable for investors with a calculative mind.Zack Childress’s educates the fellow investors with this comprehensive guide on how to purchase foreclosed home, brings out the positive features of the distressed homes.

These homes are considered to be non-performing assets which is disposed very quickly by bank or any organization holding it because the holding cost is high. The bank chooses the first bidder and usually follows first come first serve basis and avoids multiple offer situations to avoid confusion.

When distressed homes are sold through auction, the buyer pays only 5 to 10 percent of the down payment as well as low monthly mortgage repayment.

The value appreciates right after the repairs are made and sold at a price similar to a newly constructed home when it is bought a location that attracts the buyers. The buyers can fetch the amount spent on repairs when the property is sold.

To prevent from scam and to know more about foreclosed properties, investors can make use of Zack Childress REI quick cash system.

The following are the real estate guidelines that the investor must keep in mind while purchasing a foreclosed home

  1. Where to find these properties?
  2. Banks, insurance companies display the recently available foreclosed homes for sale. Many property portals and real estate websites provide property listings exclusively for people who search for properties online.

  3. Home inspection
  4. As you know it’s a distressed property, the damage can either be minor or major. Depending on which, the cost of the repair is estimated. If repair costs are too high, many would not prefer. While you go for inspecting the property, check the walls, plumbing and sewage. Scrutinizing the property will help you to find whether it’s worth or not.  The maximum time should be 30 days for finishing the repair work.

  5. Location
  6. If the property is at a developing area or at an area where there is constant appreciation in value, then its worth. Your property should be free from natural calamities and hazards.

  7. Negotiate
  8. Negotiate on the deal by comparing the prices of foreclosed homes in that area or in the vicinity.

  9. Be smart
  10. When you want to be a part of the race, you need to be little smart than others. Get approved and qualified in prior from the mortgage lender so that you are edge above the others.

  11. Down payment
  12. Sellers or any firms consider the buyer who makes largest down payment for distressed home sale. So buyers should be ready with some initial amount for the down payment to compete.

  13. CTS
  14. Contract to sell is easier and faster than mortgage loan which is complicated and takes a month long time.

  15. Fixed ROI
  16. Choose the interest cap rate that has fixed ROI (rate of interest) to avoid from fluctuating ROI market.

These homes when upgraded can be used as luxury mansions or starter home or however you want to redesign for quick home sale.

Zack Childress Overview on Real Estate Crowd Funding

zack childress overview on real estate crowd funding

Zack childress,the 21st century has paved way for new innovations and inventions in the real estate marketing. In 2013, Crowd funding emerged in the market and gained its popularity among the investors. New investors are starting their career with crowd funding methodology as it offers various opportunities ranging from commercial real estate, residential plots, office buildings etc. it allows individual investors to   collaborate with other investors to use all their funds in an investment.

The REI quick cash system founded by Zack Childress throws light on how to do crowd funding where investors are getting benefited.

Crowd funding introduced flexibility factor as investors can purchase multiple properties at a time, this in turn eases out cash flow easily. The technique has widened the boundaries for the investors as they can market their properties across the country. Various types of investments are possible through which you can diversify your portfolio. The crowd funding sites does most of the work like finding buyers and assessing their risk.

Types of Crowd Funding

  1. Debt
  2. equity investment

Zack Childress complaints points out about retirees who cannot indulge in home flipping. As well as, it is an art that takes long time to master as rehabbing is not an easy task. For those, automated wholesaling system is a great way to learn about co-wholesaling. Later, he must be in a position to predict the unexpected expenses that can arise during rehabbing.

Zack Childress reviews talks about Pros and cons of crowd funding.

  • No connect with industry to make investment; private investors can make use of this opportunity to the fullest.
  • After screening, the most profitable and legitimate investments are selected. The investors are informed about the process and crowd funding companies track the performance and investments of the investor.
  • Provides an opportunity to select the investment according to your portfolio.
  • You can own either single or multiple properties.
  • The returns are around 8 to 12 percent


  • Only accredited investors are allowed to invest.
  • Fees are collected from the investors for accessing the information.
  • If there are many people involved in an investment, you need to share your profit equally with all.
  • In the campaign, developer plays the key role in managing the property.
  • Liquidity: These investments are illiquid.
  • The financial loss is incurred by the investors only; the investor doesn’t realize the fact that his money is being utilized by a developer.
  • These properties are not traded. At times of emergency, you can expect cash flow easily.
  • Standardization cannot be expected as these campaigns are not regulated.
  • There are no core investments for diversification of portfolio.
  • Fragmentation, most sites are restricted to open investments.
  • To get access to open investments, you need to sign up.

There are various possibilities through which scam can happen while investing in a crowd funding campaign; you can prevent yourself from scam by learning on how to tackle those situations beforehand.

Zack Childress Real Estate Eye Crowd Funding To Attract Investors

Real estate companies that are in need of seed funding now have a new destination: Crowdfunding web sites.

    • Zack childress real estate-The Wall Street Journal has reported on the rising number of crowdfunding web sites that banks on the promise of easy online investing. According to The Journal’s estimates, these crowdfunding companies have raised “over $135 million in debt and equity for real estate transactions.”
    • A report on meanwhile stated that Realty Mogul received a $9 million funding from venture capital firm Canaan Partners. Within the week, RealCrowd, another real estate crowdfunding platform, also raised $1.6 million funding from real estate developers, Y Combinator, and the Data Collective.
    • Fundrise, another fast-growing crowdfunding web site, also made headlines in June when it received $31 million seed funding from $31 Chinese social media company Renren, and real estate companies Ackman-Ziff, and Silverstein Properties.
    • Citing Crowdnetic data, a Sacramento Bee report noted that while the amount is nowhere near the $700 billion market valuations of publicly traded real estate investment trusts (REITs), the segment is rapidly growing in the crowdfunding space.
    • Among top real estate crowdfunding web sites are Fundrise, Realty Mogul, Realty Shares, CrowdStreet, Collaperty, GroundBreaker, CrowdBaron, iFunding, Prodigy Network, and Patch of Land, according to a report on the Crowd Crux website.
  • Zack Childress Overview on Real Estate Crowd Funding

    Crowdfunding investing is not without challenges, however, the Sacramento Bee report noted.

    “If you look back at online stock trading 20 years ago, all of the same kind of early adopter concerns people raised are the same here. Will there be fraud? Will people know how do to it? Will they adopt it?” EarlyShares executive Joanna Schwartz told Sacramento Bee.

    But Schwartz believes that crowdfunding website’s ease of use and money-saving features will succeed in luring investors in.

    “Going direct, there are a lot of fees we are saving for both sides here,” she said.

        1. Real estate companies looking into signing up for crowdfunding platforms can position themselves to be more attractive to investors through disruptive marketing technologies. One company that offers this kind of technology is RealBiz Media Group, Inc. (OTCQB: RBIZ).
        2. RealBiz Media is a digital media company that develops real estate technologies that allow agents and brokers to market their listings to untapped markets.
        3. RealBiz Media is rapidly expanding, forging a series of key partnerships with real estate and technology companies that include forms software developer zipLogix, and Atlanta-based Coldwell Banking Residential Coverage. Its clients include nationally-recognized real estate firms Keller Williams, Era Real Estate, Century 21, and Prudential Select Properties.
        4. As proof of its steady growth, RealBiz Media recently acquired real estate social media marketing platform ReachFactor to beef up its marketing platforms.

    Zack Childress Overview on Real Estate Crowd Funding

    RealBiz Media also runs a video on demand channel under the Home Tour Network, according to the Stock Lama website.

Zack Childress List of Real Estate Investing Trends in 2017

Zack Childress List of Real Estate Investing Trends in 2017

Zack childress,the real estate industry is growing rapidly with advancements in technology, increased demography, and urbanization. Zack Childress real estate reviews throws light on statistics and trends in real estate for the year 2017.

  • Most of the homes are purchased for investment purpose and renting out properties became predominant.
  • Drones and augmented reality are emerging; more advanced drone technology is likely to be introduced from next year. These drones help to capture high resolution aerial pictures of the house from the top which can be posted on social media to attract buyers.
  • Non-bank lending and treasury yield moved up more than 50 basis points.
  • Less financial regulations will be easier.
  • Real estate crowd funding is considered to be evolving industry and expected to grow in capital. It is attractive for investors who want to purchase a property with minimum capital investment. Due to its liquidity, it moved to institutional areas where you need to be carefully approached. With a strong base of solid investors, you can flourish. It focuses on non-accredited investors.
  • There is still abundant amount of belief that home ownership will continue to improve in the forthcoming years. Millennial and technology advancement go hand in hand as millennial population is enormous and has strong base among tenants.
  • If there is an increase in interest rate also, there is not going to be much difference. The causes of increase in rate of the interest are to be identified.
  • Economy and job growth has not seen much rise for past a decade. As to have a better economy, the rate of interest has to be low.
  • Job growth is needed because when salary of an individual increase, the affordability price of the housing also increases.
  • With low interest rate, one doesn’t indulge in buying home as he/she is concerned about the welfare.
  • Entry level buyers face a difficult situation as there are very less or no properties within their price margin. The single family homes are bought by the renters instead of homebuyers which results in high returns for investor landlords.
  • The trend shows that the demand is high but supply is low. There is an issue that it takes very long time to finish building the properties.
  • Markets are getting strengthened owing to good location. The real estate market is likewise, there can be rise and fall. The value of the land may appreciate or depreciate, it depends on the location. Considering all these factors, cash flow will be regular and steady. Streamlining the cash flow is essential.
  • Population growth, job growth, job diversity, cities with 5 or 10 year plans are the key areas to be invested. Along with hike in interest rate, mortgage rate also increases proportionally.
  • Outsourcing and startup culture have started to emerge, this results in requirement of space for conferences in central locations.
  • Tech-geeks need space too like Uber, Snap chat have spent in billions funding for their office setup or go for lease option.

Zack Childress quick REI cash system throws light on how to prevent from scam and Zack Childress automated wholesaling system can be used for co-wholesaling


Zack Childress Real Estate Guidelines on Land Lordship

zack childress real estate guidelines on land lordship


Zack childress once you have become landlord, there are certain things that you need to know and follow. There are certain perks and peril that you need to know before you do anything.

  1. Fundamental steps
  2. Make it legal
  3. Rent collection
  4. Taxable income
  5. Maintenance
  6. Common areas
  7. Décor
  8. Law and regulations
  9. Vacating
  10. Long term tenants
  11. Security deposit
  12. First time landlord
  13. Screening process

Fundamental steps

With good amount of saving, choose the right property at the right location and become a landlord.

Make it legal

You cannot rent out a space just like that, you need to get approval from the government and other legal procedures are to be carried out. Insurance has to be applied for all the units in a household. Later you cannot claim if any damage happens.

Rent collection

Know the method to collect your rent. Fix up the deadline date and mode of payment.

Taxable income

You must provide receipts to your tenants and file tax returns, so entire rental income doesn’t come to your pocket. You need to pay appropriate amount of tax at regular intervals.


You need to be aware that yearly once or bi-yearly you need to spend on repair work. Appliance repairs, home maintenance are part of landlord life. Allocate funds for such expenses.

Common areas

There are some common areas and things in housing, like parking, elevator. These must be taken utmost care and all expenses spent on these things should be shared by both tenants and owners. You can enhance in whatever way you feel to ensure privacy and safety.


Don’t spend much on décor as it is waste of money and ensure all amenities are provided.

Law and regulations

As a landlord you must be aware of all the rules, regulations and laws. There may be amendments from time to time. So the landlord should keep him/herself updated.


The landlord must inform in prior if the tenants have to vacate the place. 2 months prior notice can be given before lease ends. You need to paint the walls and make necessary home improvements before the new tenant enters.

Long term tenants

You can build good rapport as well as it is cheap on longer run.

Security deposit

You should keep yourself informed about the first and last month payment amount of the tenant, the tenant should pay the security deposit to the landlord which would be repaid at the time of tenant vacating the place. The security deposit is used for repairs and maintenance purpose; it is used when unexpected damage or repair takes place.

First time landlord

You can take help of the real estate agent/ realtor /property managers in assessing the tenants, though you need to pay them, you can get good tenants.

Screening process

Before the tenants occupy, selection of tenant takes place by screening process. This is done to get to know about the background information of your tenant. Depending on which you can choose the reasonable tenant.

Beware and not bargain, there are many types of scam going around. Scammers may approach you in form of tenants and betray you. Investigate properly before letting anyone in.

To know more about land lordship, investors can check out Zack Childress quick REI cash system.




Zack Childress Real Estate No Money Down Strategies

zack childress real estate no money down strategies

Zack childress real estate many potential real estate investors face a depressing situation when a deal couldn’t be afforded owing to poor financial status.Zack Childress automated wholesaling system allows the new investors to co-wholesale without using credit or cash.

Zack Childress reviews suggest some strategies where you can purchase properties in different ways.

  1. Lenders
  2. Mortgage
  3. Lease
  4. Down Payment
  5. Personal Property
  6. Exchange Skill Sets
  7. Partnering


Borrowing the down payment is the simplest way to purchase a property without using your money. In order to do so, you must find a suitable lender who offers cash with low interest rate or home equity or LOC (line of credit) which includes tax benefits of mortgage. You can also lend from real estate brokers to make your down payment.


Making use of seller’s financing partially for purchasing your property, it would be great if it has low interest rate. As a result, the buyer is entitled to have ownership in his name for paying the mortgage of the seller. The other way is to combine the mortgages, i.e. if you own a property already and you are availing mortgage, and you can take second mortgage for the currently purchased property.


Many buyers aren’t aware that the buyer who resides in a rental property which is on lease period is eligible to buy the same property when there is a clause in the agreement stating that a particular sum of money has to be paid by both seller and buyer for the use of the property. The lessor (buyer) can purchase the property at the end of the lease period with a fixed price. The rental payments are the source of funding for the property purchase. Either whole or some portion of rental payment is used according to seller’s choice.

Down payment

The buyer is allowed to request the seller to pay the down payments in instalment basis or a balloon payment at the end of the year. You can also take charge of paying the seller debts instead of the down payment for your property or you can opt to pay higher price for the property in instalment and no down payment.

Personal property

The buyer may not be affluent at a point of time, but owns few properties like car, boats, furniture that can be exchanged for down payment.

Exchange skill sets

If the buyer has potential point of contact like lawyers, accountants etc are professionals needed mutually by both seller and buyer. Instead of making down payment, the buyer can exchange the skill sets of these professionals. So the seller will not be paying any money for these professionals.


You can take help of financially sound partner; ensure that no mess happens as there would be many people in a deal. In return, you can make the deal for both i.e. the property ownership is shared by both of you.
There are many types of scams going around, for e.g. when the seller exorbitantly charges you with a down payment and call it closing cost or some fees.

To prevent from such scams, visit Zack Childress quick REI cash system where he has described about the strategies for buying real estate free.

Zack Childress Real Estate Ideologies on REIT

zack childress real estate ideologies on REIT


zack childress Real estate investment trust (REIT) has been in existence for nearly 2 decades which helps in managing and buying rent producing asset like office and retail outlets. Properties held by REIT can be sold and reinvested and gains will go the holders. Assessing the property will happen once in 6 months. REIT is more profitable for developers who have invested in commercial properties, private equity funds, also helps the investors to purchase large properties which they couldn’t do with their own resources. The main objective of purchasing a property is that it will appreciate in its value in future and REIT helps in cash flow by providing several ways to earn rental income. REIT is more like stocks and trading having limited liquidity.Zack Childress throws light on REIT as follows.

REIT is preferred because

  • Distinguished asset classes and diversified investment
  • When economy is good and stable, returns are high
  • Developers can launch new projects with the funds raised in REIT’s old projects
  • REIT returns are more than mutual funds returns
  • High dividends and historical returns
  • Income stream for retired people
  • Steady payouts
  • Ability to use leverage
  • Tax benefits
  • Publicly traded REIT have high interest rates
  • Long term performance

How to establish REIT?

  • Select low risk cash flow model
  • Legal structure should be assigned properly
  • Markets are created and implemented with robust cash flow model
  • Fund listing and management
  • Determine risk factors before investment

REIT helps you to own portion of real estate (shopping complex, office, and housing) etc and they are volatile in nature.


Types of REIT investments


  • Retail REIT investments are very profitable and represented to be biggest investment and if tenants don’t pay them, it may lead to bankrupt.
  • Residential REIT own and manage multi-family rental properties, the important factors to keep in mind before investing are population and job growth.
  • Healthcare REIT is steadily making progress as every citizen may fall sick at one point of time. They invest on health care units, nursing facilities etc. The profits and benefits earned through this real estate are directly benefited by the hospital management. The customers must be diversified so that you get to invest on different health care systems. The increase in Medicare services reflects the healthcare REIT growth.
  • Office REIT investments are mostly concerned with office buildings. The rental income from tenants are usually who have contracts for long terms (Lease).
  • Mortgage REIT 10% of REIT investments are from mortgage and it has its own risk involved like when interest rate increase, there is a fall in the mortgage. The money is obtained from secured and unsecured debt offerings. When interest rate increases, the future financing is tougher.

Non-traded REIT is risky and many scams are involved, it is illiquid and not suitable for retired and many fees are involved, acquisition of property in most cases is unknown. If details aren’t provided by your brokers, it can be scam.

To stay scam free, investors can read the blogsin Zack Childress REI quick cash system and new investors can make use of Zack Childress automated wholesaling system  to do co-wholesaling at free of cost.



Zack Childress Directives to boost real estate returns

Zack Childress Directives to boost real estate returns

Real estate is one of the lucrative industries that provide an excellent opportunity to get a good ROI.For this, all that you need is, be in terms with what you are doing to yield positive returns from a real estate deal. However, at the same time, the risk involved in real estate can lead to bankruptcy and depending on the economic affairs there are chances for you to become a person that has lost everything.

You need to be familiar on the subject of real estate scenario, and this precedes the process of purchasing a rental property or putting money into any particular realty. You cannot become affluent overnight with real estate deals. You need considerable amount of patience and those who have come out with flying colors in real estate have done considerable research, and they treat it like a full-time profession.

Come to terms with your risk:

It is a blatant fact that you are getting into something risky when going for a real estate deal. When going for investment in real estate property, you need to be aware of the risk which every stride has to put forth. Every step of the way, there is going to be some kind of risk, so you need to come to terms with your risk and your limitations.

If you can handle things unaccompanied, then a fixer-upper would suit you. If you are not that handy, it might not be the right choice; considering a fixer-upper without knowing how to handle it will end up in a situation where you have to give out money for professionals, ultimately resulting in reduction of the profit that you were supposed to yield. You have to know to tackle people individually. If you do not desire interacting with people, do not go for a multi-unit property. When you do not have any fair idea regarding the vicinity, you have to resort to some other alternative.

Hedge Inflation:

Above all, during times of financial tight corner, you have to know how far the money goes. When there is a hike in inflation, the salary class people find themselves in financial constraint, and they find it hard to make the ends meet. The same is the case with an apartment manager. During times of inflation, the apartment manager opts to hike the rent to meet your requirements for the inflation.

There is a direct association between the real estate returns and the costs that exist in the market. When inflation occurs, other costs will also increase. But, the expenditures on other basic amenities will not have a negative influence on the real estate income. But, a landlord who is not diligent may lose the chance to make the best out of the favorable circumstances.

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Keep track of the duration of investment:

You might be spending majority of your time on the property. Apartments that do not adhere to the quality guidelines will result in the investor spending more time on the investment. On an hourly basis, calculate the money you obtain through the property.

Start with the ABCs

If you are a novice in the real estate, do not consider putting a huge amount on a posh apartment. Start from the basics, and purchase the residence where most of the people prefer to purchase it.

Once you have got an idea of the location, hold a meeting with the realtor. Get a clear picture of the market in the vicinity. When you know much about the market, allocate time for the market and see to it that it works in your favor.

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The American population spends more on the social media. And many smart phones are being sold every minute. The social networking sites have gained a firm foothold, and are to influence the population in a positive way. There are a huge number of androids being sold every minute, and internet marketing and communication have grown rapidly. There are added sites which enable access to YouTube, Twitter and other social networking sites.

  • There was a crisis in the real estate which was overcome by professionals who dealt with it in a creative way. The chief aim of real estate professionals is to post the listings for sellers and buyers alike.
  • Realty agents in the presence market scenario can make out a few things about social media.
  • The identity that you establish online is the main reason for success in the market.
  • The social networking gives access to the information for potential home purchasers and sellers.
  • There is easy access to videos and other important files which are offered by the social networking sites.
  • Traditional marketing has its own constraints, and the social media does not have limitations with respect to conversations online.
  • The social networking is an efficient way to establish reliability, authenticity and an impressionable personal brand.

Zack Childress Directives to boost real estate returns
There were days when you might have been besides the phone or in the office anticipating the clients to make a phone call or step into the office. But now, for clients, everything is accessible in the net. So, you need to make your information available in the net.

  • Facebook gives easy access to those who want to visit your site. There are other sites as Twitter and YouTube which enable the customer to connect to your site.
  • The mobile industry has revolutionized the world, and the mobile marketing is powerful than any other marketing tool. Searching through the smart phone has become increasingly prominent. More than the desktop, the mobile browsing has become popular, and the real estate icons need to keep pace with the competition to assure that they are just a click away from the customers.
  • Before getting into the social media, people were hesitant about the very idea. But now, people are very much depending on the social media to grow their business. The procedures as entertaining a client, giving feedback to them are carried out through the websites. You need to allocate time to respond to the customers and create knowledge about your brand. You might update where you are staying, and people will pour in to complete the deal.
  • Various tips about the vicinity could be given through the social media. You can establish contact with people who hold expertise via the social media.
  • The mobile marketing has become an invincible tool in the smartphone revolution. Over the last two years, browsing through mobile has grown beyond astounding proportions. Many popular real estate professionals have started their websites. There are a number of websites through which you can connect to realty agents and make best use of the marketing scenario.
  • The sky is the limit when it comes to the possibilities, and there are abundant rewards when you spare time to be in the social media. You can take full advantage of its scope.

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Real estate is an intricate business; however, it is not an overly complicated business. Being aware of the trends is said to help you stay ahead of the curve. The real estate marketing insights and the trends listed out in this article is said to help you stay ahead of the curve.

Zack Childress Directives to boost real estate returns

Online listing portals

Dominating significantly, real estate listing portals are most used on a large basis when marketing a property. Although newspaper listings have declined over the years, people still list on the newspapers too, but the count is big on online portals.

Social media is the rage

the escalating trend in the real estate marketing industry is social media. Though different platforms fall into place, Facebook and LinkedIn are leading.

Be mobile-friendly

consumer’s activity on mobile devices have actually out-performed and this is very much applicable to real estate property marketing as well. In order to save time and to scale up the versatility factor, people are becoming mobile-friendly; in addition, this also helps in easy availability. To stay relevant, real estate agents should be devising mobile-friendly websites that slot in users directly from their phones.

Some of the key points to commit to memory:

  • As an agent, your focus should be on the needs of the client over the commission. As a matter of fact, the ones one satisfies the clients are the ones that earn the most.
  • Being aware of which items to pay off and get removed from a credit report is key!
  • You can consider adding mortgage brokers to your team.
  • Several real estate agents follow one size fits all approach which isn’t suitable for all great deals, so according to the requirement it has to be personalized.
  • Apart from raking in record profits, the main intention of a real estate agent should concentrate on getting creative. All successful agents are savvy!

Having said all that, there are two other attributes that every customer would want and it is nothing but quality products/service and satisfactory customer service. Especially when choosing a property marketing provider, this is very important. Having easy access to images and a fast turnaround time are the other options that have tagged on to the aforesaid attributes. In a survey, people have said that a fast turnaround time was important when deciding real estate marketing provider.

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Social media is very well known among most of the people. Many people open out accounts on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. They actively use social media for various purposes. With the increasing amount of sales and purchases in the real estate sector, real estate agents have to come up with innovative and new methods of marketing their products and in turn themselves. They should leverage the power of social media to do this. In this article, Zack Childress, a real estate investor and master educator, gives social media marketing ideas for real estate agents.

You must put yourself in the shoes of the buyer persona

The buyer persona is your ultimate god. He is going to elevate or demote your business. Many real estate agents do the mistake of promoting themselves on social media by talking about what they do in a monotonous manner. They don’t present it attractively. Instead, put yourself in the shoes of your customer. He is the genie who appears in your dream. Allure him. For example: A seller’s agent instead of saying, “I read the marketing trends, help determine prices and give staging tips” can say: “problems in selling your home? They will become minimal when you tap my office doors. Market research, best price fixations and superb staging tips with real estate agent Sam. Come soon my dear clients to whom I offer the best services”. If you cannot write good content, then engage a creative writer who can write persuasive and captivating content.

You must not instruct

Instructing is a really boring tone for addressing clients. They feel seldom welcome to visit your social media page. Instead, lure them to visit your page. For example: “go to this Face book page” can be substituted by saying ”learn the magnificent secrets of real estate with this Facebook page.”

Use attractive tools

Use photos and videos to grab attention. They must be top quality ones and must reveal the various areas of the home in a best light. A live video showcasing the tour of the home will help to a great extent. If you cannot take fine photographs or capture good videos, then hire a professional photographer and a person specialized in taking video coverage. It is really worth the money.

Zack Childress Directives to boost real estate returns

Know the client’s interests

Before you post something, identify the client’s tastes and interests. Listen to them and then go for posting.

Don’t post meaningless content

Don’t put meaningless posts. They should be avoided. More than half of the posts should be referring to lifestyle guidelines and client’s quarter of interest. The rest must be about your real estate agency and the work you do. If you post just to reach a specific count, your efforts to attract the client base will bombard.

Real estate buyers and sellers make some sure shot real estate mistakes. These are to be solved by using the guidance of an expert real estate agent. There are also many articles on the web and magazines which have compiled together these flaws. Zack Childress, the owner of REI success academy which promotes automated wholesaling systems gives us a general overview about the common real estate mistakes that are made in this article. So let’s read this to learn about it.

Buying a house for its decorations

We are not buying the objects inside the home but the home itself. The decorations should not be considered above the home. We should give more importance to the square footage and the floor plan. We can also measure the dimensions and plan on how our belongings will fit in with the new home.

Don’t blindly believe what is seen on the internet

We cannot afford to blindly believe what is there on the internet. The internet is full of cheats who will fleece us into paying for a property which is not theirs. Also the property may be different when we see it in person. The pictures that we see on the internet do not reveal everything. For example: We may have not seen in the pictures that a house is backed up by train tracks and dustbin areas. So, we should always ascertain what we read or see on the internet.

Give easy access to the home

We should give easy access to the home. Our home must have a nice parking facility and it must be easier to get into the home. If buyers don’t find it comfortable, then it is a put off factor. They will start looking for alternate properties if this happens.

An owner’s title insurance should be brought

When we buy homes, we must buy an owner’s title insurance. The owner’s title insurance must be brought along with the lender’s title insurance. Otherwise if something goes wrong, the lender will be made responsible wholly financially. If we buy with cash, then we must order our own owner’s title insurance. There can be so many things that can go wrong with the title. A former owner will pop out from nowhere and claim his right to the house and so can tax liabilities.

Doing everything on our own

It’s not good to do everything on our own when we sell or buy a home. We should take the help of a real estate agent. We should select a good real estate agent who has deep knowledge on the subject. He will direct us on the market trends and a few other crucial aspects of the sale or the buy.