Zack Childress Real Estate Advantages and Disadvantages of Home Loan Modifications

Zack Childress Real Estate Advantages and Disadvantages of Home Loan Modifications

You might be applying for a home loan modification.  You have to make out the advantages and disadvantages of the home loan modification before the application is handed over.

The main objective of home loan modification is to make the homeowners reside in their property. This is done by carrying out some modifications in terms of mortgage terms and payments.

Several borrowers are asking for home loan modification so as to make mortgage payments within their reach and to get away from foreclosure. Certain aspects include that you have to show a proof that the present payment is not affordable but a lesser payment is affordable.

The home loan modification can be fruitful for homeowners and lenders alike.  The home loan modification comes to the aid when the homeowners require avoiding foreclosure.

 Also, loan modification is a well-known solution to attain lesser payment of mortgage in a monthly basis.  So as to be deemed for the home loan modification, homeowners need to adhere to all of the qualifications that are put forth by the lender.  Loan modification may prove to be a puzzle for many homeowners.

Having said that there are the plus points and minus points in home loan modification.

Advantages of Home Loan Modification

  • One of the best methods is to stretch over the payment terms. Here the interest or the principal remains the same.
  • Short-term strategies are considered in certain instances by lenders; they decide to decrease the mortgage’s interest rate. This will be of great assistance to a property owner during financial problems.
  • Home Loan Modifications makes way for money to clear other debts including auto loans, education loans etc.

The disadvantages of Home Loan Modification

  • Home loan modifications are sometimes very puzzling also due to the plethora of terminologies in the paperwork involved.
  • There is a big hassle to borrowers when it comes to the modifications of the home loans. It comes in the form of lengthy delays and it demands some time to acquire replies from the mortgage lenders and servicers. It can be really frustrating sometimes.
  • The sordid truth in spite of the benefits in home loan modifications is that one cannot evade foreclosure. As a matter of fact, the homeowners are evicted when they are waiting for some answer from the lender.
  • Home loan modification can be tiring also because it doesn’t restrict itself to only one approach.
  • When it comes to home loan modification, the borrowers are left with only a single chance. Not capturing the idea can put the homeowners in a quagmire.  Before applying for a home loan modification, an expert has to be consulted.  It is not a bed of roses with respect to home loan modification in all cases.

Zack Childress, the proprietor of REI Success Academy, is the actual creator of the co-wholesaling real estate investing system.  The REI Success Academy works towards getting the best result when you put in time and efforts for the real estate deal.








Zack Childress Reveals Process For Property Flipping in Today’s Market

zack childress reveals process for property flipping in today's market

Flipping brings generous rewards, however, the logistics involved in it is pretty complicated, but it is rewarding by all means when done intellectually. In general, flipping requires fixing up, meaning refurbishment, when operating costs like unanticipated expenses, higher taxes, and holding costs add up to this, the chances of making profit becomes very less ultimately resulting in bankruptcy.

More to the point, in a flat real estate market, the task of fixing up and flipping a property can be a risky business, so take up Zack Childress house flipping blueprint that reveals the step by step process involved in flipping.

Though real estate investing is for everyone, the concept of flipping is not the concept of “one size fits all”; every property has its own pros and cons based on certain specifics. So, it is always good to know the entire story to end up being safe, else the chances of becoming penniless are very much high in this sector. But, not when you go with the guidance of a professional mentor.

See more: Zack childress process for flipping property

Irrespective of what you do, always trust your instincts let intelligence, common sense, diligence, and honesty be your channel. When real estate investing is approached in the right way, armed with the right tools, together with a mentor or coach by your side, the chances for you to fail is very less and you just won’t fail. So, what are you waiting for? Sign up for the program now without any further ado and make great returns.




Zack Childress Tips to Increase a Home’s Value During Resale

Zack Childress Tips to Increase a Home's Value During Resale



There are some key elements to increase the resale value of homes. In this article, Zack Childress, the creator of automated real estate wholesaling systems writes a review on how to increase the resale value of homes.

Start renovation with structural/electrical/plumbing issues

We should always fix a watery ceiling or a leaking tap first and then attend to the cosmetic renovations. It will be bad if we finish the extra fittings and then come to the mandatory repairs.

Hold discussions with realtors and designers

We should hold discussions with realtors and designers regarding the improvements for our home. Realtors will hold discussions for courtesy sake and designers will charge fees for it. Designers will charge around $100 for an hour. They can give us lots of tips in an hour which will add value to our homes.

Choose current trends

We should choose in the vogue design and trends for renovating our homes. This will attract the prospective buyers. The kitchen is the most crucial room of our houses. It is the trump card for selling our houses. We should choose the best fixtures and designs for the kitchen to make the sale a hit.


Giving a coat or two is the best option for revamping the look of our homes. Painting gives freshness and a luxuriant appearance. Neutral colors of paint are the most alluring and will entice any potential buyer. So we should try this method

Make uniform renovations

We should uniformly update the rooms. If we leave some rooms non-updated, then these rooms will make the house look very old. We should choose appropriate lights, fixtures and switches for all the rooms. Appropriate paint colors must be selected for all the rooms. This will surely fit in our limited budget.

Plant trees

We should consider planting more trees

  • Mature trees cut down cooling costs by 40%
  • Greenery attracts potential buyers towards our homes
  • Mature trees provide a natural and clean habitat for living

Increase the energy efficiency of homes

We should increase the energy efficiency of our homes. Energy efficiency helps in cost saving, energy saving and also protects the environment by releasing less greenhouse gases.

Install a water filtration system

We should install a water filtration system in our house. Installing a water filtration system will lower our bills and purify water. It is a cheap yet attractive addition which will make a mark in the minds of potential home buyers

Kitchen updates

Kitchen updates are important for selling any home. If the kitchen is attractive, the home will sell like a hotcake. Kitchen updates need not be as big or expensive as fitting in a modular kitchen or something. It can be as small as cleaning the kitchen floor, shelves and equipments.


Zack Childress, the founder of REI success academy which is a quick cash system gives these . His tips on any real estate topic are really good. There are many bad reviews about him on the internet but these are scams.

Zack Childress Tips for Real Estate Mistakes

Zack Childress Tips for Real Estate Mistakes



Real estate buyers and sellers make some sure shot real estate mistakes. These are to be solved by using the guidance of an expert real estate agent. There are also many articles on the web and magazines which have compiled together these flaws. Zack Childress, the owner of REI success academy which promotes automated wholesaling systems gives us a general overview about the common real estate mistakes that are made in this article. So let’s read this to learn about it.

Buying a house for its decorations

We are not buying the objects inside the home but the home itself. The decorations should not be considered above the home. We should give more importance to the square footage and the floor plan. We can also measure the dimensions and plan on how our belongings will fit in with the new home.

Don’t blindly believe what is seen on the internet

We cannot afford to blindly believe what is there on the internet. The internet is full of cheats who will fleece us into paying for a property which is not theirs. Also the property may be different when we see it in person. The pictures that we see on the internet do not reveal everything. For example: We may have not seen in the pictures that a house is backed up by train tracks and dustbin areas. So, we should always ascertain what we read or see on the internet.

Give easy access to the home

We should give easy access to the home. Our home must have a nice parking facility and it must be easier to get into the home. If buyers don’t find it comfortable, then it is a put off factor. They will start looking for alternate properties if this happens.

An owner’s title insurance should be brought

When we buy homes, we must buy an owner’s title insurance. The owner’s title insurance must be brought along with the lender’s title insurance. Otherwise if something goes wrong, the lender will be made responsible wholly financially. If we buy with cash, then we must order our own owner’s title insurance. There can be so many things that can go wrong with the title. A former owner will pop out from nowhere and claim his right to the house and so can tax liabilities.

Doing everything on our own

It’s not good to do everything on our own when we sell or buy a home. We should take the help of a real estate agent. We should select a good real estate agent who has deep knowledge on the subject. He will direct us on the market trends and a few other crucial aspects of the sale or the buy.


The above compilation of some of the real estate mistakes by Zack Childress is most vital for every real estate seller and buyer. We can benefit greatly from this reading. There are plenty of other real estate mistakes too. We must be really careful while making a real estate buy or sell since it is the most coveted purchase or sell of our life.


Other Costs Related to Housing as Reviewed by Zack Childress

Other Costs Related to Housing as Reviewed by Zack Childress


Apart from the list price or the purchasing price of a home, there could be many other costs related to home ownership. These can carry a range of costs from property taxes to lawn mowing. First time home buyers often don’t know about the other expenses related to housing. So, they can read this article where in Zack Childress, a real estate mentor, investor and author gives tips on this.


Home inspection costs:4

Home inspection is a very important part of home buying.

  • Home inspection helps buyers to know about the future home repairs
  • Home inspection helps first time home buyers to learn about the property’s worth
  • Home inspection also helps them to learn more about the property
  • Home inspection results can be used by buyers to negotiate housing prices

Home inspection times vary depending on the size of the house. A condo can be inspected in just 2 hours whereas a big house can consume 6 or more hours in accordance with its hugeness. Agents can charge roughly about $100 per hour.

Pest inspection

Pest inspection is very important. After buyers buy a house and find them to be infested with termites, rats and other types of pests, they will feel really annoyed. Not only this, they will have to make arrangements to stop pests. This comes in at a time when buyers can least afford to do so.

Agent fees

Agents have to be paid. The buyer’s as well as the seller’s brokers receive charges. Charges are usually between 2.6 to 6% of the selling price and are paid by the seller. Rates are not fixed and can be transacted.

Closing costs

Closing costs are legal fees, property taxes, utility adjustment costs and land transfer taxes.

Legal fees

The lawyer has to do the following

  • Registering the title deed and mortgage
  • Reviewing the terms of the offer
  • Doing a title search on the property
  • Directing the terms of property transfer from one ownership to another
  • Settling adjustment costs

He needs to be paid for that. In addition to this, there are costs for email, phone and fax

Land transfer taxes

In some places such taxes are levied upon transfer of ownership. It varies with the purchase price of the property

Property taxes

A home buyer’s monthly mortgage payments encompass PITI that is principal, interest, property taxes and insurance. Property taxes take up a good chunk of a buyer’s income. It can run to several thousand dollars a year.

Utility adjustment costs

The utility costs will be adjusted as part of the conveyance or the adjustment statement. These should include all the prepaid utilities

Costs related to transfer of belongings

These can often run to several thousand dollars. Unless one has a large group of friends or the house purchased is near the old home, one cannot escape these costs.


These guidelines by Zack Childress will serve to be useful for first time home buyers as they are often taken aback by the amount of other housing costs incurred as the deal progresses and at the end


Zack Childress Tips to Make an Intelligent Real Estate Purchase

Zack Childress Tips to Make an Intelligent Real Estate Purchase


There are many complaints on blogs about people paying more than what is needed for a house and then finding many problems with the place since they have not had a proper home inspection. In this article, Zack Childress, a real estate mentor and speaker gives premium guidelines on How to make a clever real estate purchase.

Don’t exceed your budget

You should plan your budget within which you should purchase your house. When you plan your budget, you should consider all housing related costs and not just the list price. The article on other housing costs enumerated by Zack Childress gives more details regarding this. Make sure that your housing costs and other expenses do not exceed your income minus the savings.

Start thinking about your credit

You have to get an approval for your mortgage beforehand. It’s really painful to target a house and then find out that you don’t have enough money to buy it. Some real estate agents will work with you only if you have a pre-approval of credit.

Look for other crucial factors rather than the look of the house

The look of the house as you see in the pictures matters the least. Don’t forget that it can be remodeled or revamped. So be careful about what neighborhood the house is in and your own price range.

Think long term

Ponder on whether the house will serve the intended purpose. Not just this, think whether it can fulfill the purpose for a long term. Imagine your own disappointment if you realize that the house will not accomplish your intended purpose of buying, at the immediate or after a certain longer period of time.

Take the services of a realtor and that too a good one

You need the assistance of a real estate agent. Select one with knowledge so that he can easily guide you through the market processes. For more information on this check this article- A first rate real estate broker – The trump card to buy a home.

Don’t be afraid to walk away from a bad purchase

A home is your most crucial asset. It is important to select one carefully. This is the place where you fall in love with your spouse, take care of your parents, invite friends and most important of all- raise your children. The home is going to see all your emotions – both good and bad. So this is an emotional purchase. So get a home inspection done. If you feel that you cannot afford or maintain this home, don’t go for that one. It is better to walk away as soon as you feel uncomfortable.


These are the general standards for making a hot real estate deal. These specifications can help first time home buyers exceedingly. So please read and benefit.


Schedule a Call With Zack Childress – Free 30 Minutes Mentoring Session Review

Schedule a Call With Zack Childress – Free 30 Minutes Mentoring Session Review

Real estate is a field that is challenging and rewarding. Not all who work hard are successful, but people who are guided with mentors are successful. As with any business having a mentor is one of the most valuable things you could have. Learning from their experience, their tricks and tactics are beneficial by all means. Nothing beats the guidance of an experienced mentor, whether you are just starting it out or you have spent quite a few years in the real estate industry. A professional mentor can help you make a good plan, set boundaries, one-on-one training, helping to determine optimum offers, taking away the uncertainty factor, they will help you avoid mistakes that will cost you a fortune.

Zack Childress real estate mentorship program is one such thing; guiding you by all means he helps you to understand the key concept. Such as, what areas to invest in, finding new market opportunities, savvy shortcuts, helping you reach the full potential and much more, if you wanted to flip more deals and convert leads to sales, without any further ado, schedule a call with Zack Childress real estate program and you are sure to see the difference.

On the whole, the benefits of mentoring are far more than being paid a bit of enthusing along the way. With the right mentor, your dealing will be high in multiple ways picking up the pace of your success and personal growth.

Check schedule Call with Zack Childress



Zack Childress-Signs of a Developing Neighborhood

Zack Childress-Signs of a Developing Neighborhood


With the boom in real estate, every one of us wants to purchase a new home.  We have to do a lot of research before we finally settle for buying a home which is our most coveted asset. While we ponder on various factors like affordability, taxes, proximity to family, climatic conditions and so on, the neighborhood of our prospective home is one of the most crucial factors. It is best to purchase a home in an upcoming neighborhood. Zack Childress, a real estate speaker, author and guru, gives us tips on how to identify a rising neighborhood

Growth of business in the neighborhood

If businesses move into neighborhoods, they are definitely developing neighborhoods. Often on-trend businesses conduct detail oriented research before they move into neighborhoods.

Densely populated areas and the neighborhood around prime business areas

Areas with thick population will grow definitely. The areas which are surrounded by areas with prime transportation facilities, highways, railway tracks, higher industrialization, big schools and shopping complexes promise development.

Market trends in an area

If real estate properties tend to sit for a longer time in the market, then it is on the verge of declining. However, if the market time is very less, then the area is indeed on the rise. Lesser market time means a period of ten days or less and falling localities show a market time of around 120 days. From the cost point of view, these numbers can hold a lot of vitality. The prices may actually start rising long after the market time declines. This will help us to obtain affordable properties. So, it is a good practice to keep abreast of statistics in markets.

Crime rates

Crime rates are definite hot areas to be researched upon. Areas with higher crime rates are generally avoided and such neighborhoods never develop.  We should stay aloof from localities with high crime rates as they put our lives in great peril. We can check out local blogs, newspapers and magazines for crimes in the areas. Also we can create crime alerts on a site such as crime

Localities with architectural styles

Areas with buildings built in the Victorian, Spanish, Tudor and mid century modern styles are likely to see a fresh surge of development as these areas are bound to attract the modern generation of home consumers.

Areas with artists

Areas which attract artists are sure to grow. Artists often have a penchant to convert areas which are famous for something else into prosperous neighborhoods.


Areas where renovations are done at a rapid rate are developing ones.  Laying down of a railway track, new bus stops, development of new schools and educational institutions or constructing huge hotels, shopping complexes and it parks in a region are sure signs of growth. We can go to the city building permit counter to check updates about the neighborhood from the staff. We can inquire as to what their calculations about the area are?


These tips by Zack Childress will serve to be very useful for home buyers. We must always select the neighborhood carefully since our home is our best asset.