Zack Childress Tips to Increase a Home’s Value During Resale

Zack Childress Tips to Increase a Home's Value During Resale



There are some key elements to increase the resale value of homes. In this article, Zack Childress, the creator of automated real estate wholesaling systems writes a review on how to increase the resale value of homes.

Start renovation with structural/electrical/plumbing issues

We should always fix a watery ceiling or a leaking tap first and then attend to the cosmetic renovations. It will be bad if we finish the extra fittings and then come to the mandatory repairs.

Hold discussions with realtors and designers

We should hold discussions with realtors and designers regarding the improvements for our home. Realtors will hold discussions for courtesy sake and designers will charge fees for it. Designers will charge around $100 for an hour. They can give us lots of tips in an hour which will add value to our homes.

Choose current trends

We should choose in the vogue design and trends for renovating our homes. This will attract the prospective buyers. The kitchen is the most crucial room of our houses. It is the trump card for selling our houses. We should choose the best fixtures and designs for the kitchen to make the sale a hit.


Giving a coat or two is the best option for revamping the look of our homes. Painting gives freshness and a luxuriant appearance. Neutral colors of paint are the most alluring and will entice any potential buyer. So we should try this method

Make uniform renovations

We should uniformly update the rooms. If we leave some rooms non-updated, then these rooms will make the house look very old. We should choose appropriate lights, fixtures and switches for all the rooms. Appropriate paint colors must be selected for all the rooms. This will surely fit in our limited budget.

Plant trees

We should consider planting more trees

  • Mature trees cut down cooling costs by 40%
  • Greenery attracts potential buyers towards our homes
  • Mature trees provide a natural and clean habitat for living

Increase the energy efficiency of homes

We should increase the energy efficiency of our homes. Energy efficiency helps in cost saving, energy saving and also protects the environment by releasing less greenhouse gases.

Install a water filtration system

We should install a water filtration system in our house. Installing a water filtration system will lower our bills and purify water. It is a cheap yet attractive addition which will make a mark in the minds of potential home buyers

Kitchen updates

Kitchen updates are important for selling any home. If the kitchen is attractive, the home will sell like a hotcake. Kitchen updates need not be as big or expensive as fitting in a modular kitchen or something. It can be as small as cleaning the kitchen floor, shelves and equipments.


Zack Childress, the founder of REI success academy which is a quick cash system gives these . His tips on any real estate topic are really good. There are many bad reviews about him on the internet but these are scams.

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  1. I want to resale my home. How can i get more profit? tell me some tips

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